We're on HomeStars

With spring around the corner and work generally slower during the winter season, we decided to try adding our company to the popular home improvement directory, HomeStars.

Check out our HomeStars page HERE

We tried the 411.ca directory for 6 months which was not successful, and we tried the MoneySaver flyers for a year which also wasn't successful. We received little to no calls from either service. 

Two months ago we worked along side of The Tub Guys, a company that refinishes bathtubs, and they recommended using HomeStars saying that they get a lot of work through them. So now we've been using it too for almost a month now, and we've already had two inquiries and 1 job!

We also love the ability to use HomeStars' system to email review requests, which is great because people hardly make one without a prompt. They also provide handy links to use on our website that look like this...

HomeStars Review Our Work
HomeStars Review Our Work

Let's see where HomeStars takes us!