2015 Interior Design Show

We went to the Interior Design Show in Toronto to share ideas and get inspired. We took some pictures to show the things we like and think we can add to our decorating arsenal. 

Faux finish wood paneling on the door. 

Photomural wallpaper behind the picture frame and television. 

We could achieve the same look of this fireplace, at a fraction of the cost, by building this out of wood, and painting it with a faux finish. Of course we would still need to buy the fireplace insert. 

The mossy green texture creates a nice contrast from the multi toned grey walls. 

A faux finish painting. 

We have been planning to do this same soft colour effect on some walls, it's nice to see others already doing it, it works wonderfully here.

Another use of photomurals..

We can achieve this same look with faux finishes on any pillar or walls. 

Do you see it? It spells FRAME. A bit loud but we could do this same thing with printed book covers, comic covers, or movie covers.

Wallpaper/photomural behind pantry. 

Rustic Cabinet Finish.

An interesting faux finish we could paint on a piece of furniture. 


Textured cabinet faux finish. 

Faux finish wood backing. 

We have plenty of new ideas and contacts that we think we can use to make your space look incredible. 

Anything stand out to you? Tell us your thoughts! 

Max SchellenbergComment