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How to Clean a Wall

(baseboard, painted ceiling, door, or other painted surface)

You will need a soft cloth and warm soapy water. Dish soap or hand soap will do the trick. Saturate a part of the cloth in the warm soapy water, then lightly massage the dirty surface with the wet cloth until the spot is removed.

If the surface has been painted with a low sheen finish, such as matte or flat, the surface may be polished into a shiny satin finish in the area washed. To avoid this from happening do not rub the surface with a lot of pressure.

Once the wall is clean, remove the access water on the surface by lightly pressing the dry part of the cloth against the wet spot without rubbing. The air will dry the rest. If you are cleaning a surface with a shinier finish you can rub harder without being as gentle.


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Problem Products


Sherwin Williams: Super Paint - Satin (Eggshell)

Paint separates in mid-use. Medium to dark colours will show framing and streaks. If you want to use this product use it only in light colours. 

A Sherwin Williams representative recommended the product in Flat but we have yet to test that.


Sherwin Williams: Opulence - Matte

Dark paint colours separate in mid-use and will show framing and streaks. If you want to use this product use it only in light or medium colours. 


Purdy Rolling Poles

The locking mechanism, that locks the poles length, wears down within 6 months and begins to slide while you work.


What to do Before Extensive Sanding

If sanding a lot, plug up intake vents that are local to the work area. Cover the vents with tape to avoid distributing the plaster throughout the house or commercial building.

Working With Oil Paint

Estimating: If surface is painted in oil and customer requires oil, then estimate for oil. If customer requires latex, then include oil to latex primer and 2 latex paint coats in the estimate (if customer is on a budget you can skip 1 coat of latex by tinting the primer but the primer flat sheen might get exposed under 1 coat of latex). Oil painted surfaces are shades darker and more yellow the older the surface, therefore, if a customer requires trim painted in cloud white and has 15 year old trim painted in cloud white, then the trim has yellowed and darkened and the new paint, the same required cloud white, will require 2 coats. Inform the client of this visual colour change and offer them two options, colour match current trim and repaint in oil with 1 coat, or use cloud white with 2 coats. Remember oil painting itself requires more drying time and attention for application.