Merritton House


This house, built in the 1800s, is one of the few remaining of it's kind in Pickering, Ontario. It's original wood exterior hadn't been repainted in quite some time, so the sun and weather had caused it to blister and peel over the years. It was up to Decorating with a Difference to restore and paint it back to it's youthful glory.


With weather constantly threatening to halt the job we chose to put together a crew of 5 to speed up the process.


Decorating with a Difference had to remove all the loose and peeling paint in order to prep the surface for painting. We had to sharpen our knives a numerous amount of times.


Waterproof sealer around the windows and other miscellaneous openings insure that water will stay outside the home and prevent future damage. 


Decorating with a Difference painted two coats of robust, low luster, self priming exterior paint, creating a beautiful uniform finish. 


Decorating with a Difference worked closely with the homeowners and worked around the weather ensuring a timely delivery of decorating services with minimal interruption. 

This 140 year old house, now features restored and repainted exterior walls, a stained varnished front door, weather proofed windows and a great new look. 

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