Interior Painting

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Whether you need your house, apartment, condo, or even a tiny-house painted, we're your people! Need your entire place painted? No problem we'll call the crew. A room or two? Easy. A feature wall? Variety is the spice of life!


Included Surface Care

  1. Furniture is carefully moved away from the service areas.

  2. All floors and furniture will be covered by drop clothes and plastic sheets.

  3. Nail holes, divots, and other imperfections are repaired with plaster. (major plaster repairs are extra)

  4. Caulk Cracks along baseboards and other trim.

  5. The entire surface is sanded for uniformity, and to create a grip for the new paint.

  6. Primers are applied to the plaster repairs and stains to block them from showing up later.

  7. Quality paint is applied to the walls.

  8. Clean up and put furniture back.


Cabinet Painting

We refinish cabinets and furniture as well. This usually requires three coats of paint. Oil paint is best for cabinets but requires a day of drying in between coats.

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Exterior Painting

Now's your chance to protect or your humble abode or change it’s colour before the weather gets too cold. We can paint in weather as low as 7°c, as long as it isn’t raining. We'll make your space look and feel new!


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