The hearing impaired scam


We recently received an estimate request from a man who claimed to be in the hospital undergoing a series of surgeries to correct a hearing impairment. He wanted his house painted before he moved back home from the hospital, but also needed our help to pay a moving company to deliver his furniture beforehand.

I figured it was more than likely scam only after the elaborate email asking us if we could pay the moving company for him, after he paid us. It’s winter and Christmas is almost upon us, so I was just happy someone was looking for painting at first.

The scam was that he would pay us, with a stolen credit card, the deposit for the house painting and the total cost for the moving company. He then wanted us to e-transfer the moving company’s portion to a fake moving company email address. This way once the credit card company reversed the initial fraudulent payment, the scammer would have secured new money from people he scammed.

Thanks to googling this sentence from the emails I received, “am at the hospital right now and will soon undergo series of surgeries to correct my hearing disability,” I was able to find this article, where I learned more about the scam. It’s a blog from a web developer who was also hit with this scam. He even shows the conversion he had email by email if you are interested in checking that out. Thankfully neither of us fell for it!