Travel Accident

Our team member, Max Schellenberg, was on his way to a job in Toronto when he had an unfortunate accident on the 401 today. Thankfully both Max, and the other driver involved, were okay. 

Max was checking his blind spot to change lanes while driving around a bend on the 401 to find traffic suddenly coming to a standstill. The work vehicle hit the car in front of it and pulled itself into the highway divider after the front left wheel was crushed. The work van was totalled. 

Max exited the van through the passenger window and was met by a friendly woman who pulled over to check on him and the other driver, she also called 911 to report the accident. 

After the clean up was handled that morning, to our surprise Max got right back to work and successfully made it to the job that afternoon.

"I felt especially sensitive to the situation because it happened while Walter (the owner of the company) was out of the country. I didn't want to make him worry or have this event stop the business so I just got right back to work. 

I'm impressed by the success of airbag technology, and the local emergency response team and tow truck drivers that helped clean up and take care of the situation so quickly. They did a great job!"  - Max Schellenberg