We make your home and business look and feel more like your own. Providing painting services, wallpapering, faux finishes and more, for over 25 year. 

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Laminate Cabinets Painted to Mahogany
A professional faux finish carried out by our lead decorator Walter Schellenberg.


Our Services 


We work with all wall covering types including grass cloth, vinyl, photo murals, and traditional papers. Wallpaper often hides problems when removed, we will repair any damage before moving forward.

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A quick and clean paint job with quality products is our standard. We cover the surfaces that need protection, prep and repair the work surface, and mask key areas for clean sharp lines.

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Enlarge a space with a landscape, make a ceiling a sky, or decorate your child's nursery or playroom. We also provide custom paintings whether it's a portrait, favourite memory, or unique abstract.

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Decorative Painting

Add patterns, graphics, glazing, stripes, venetian plaster, stone, marble or wood grain faux finishes to your walls, ceilings, cabinets, mouldings, or furniture.

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Plaster Repair (Included) 

We repair cracked or damaged walls, ceilings, trim, and mouldings. For any patch to fully disappear we have to repaint the entire surface, corner to corner, to insure a fully uniform finish.

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